Network Overview

What is the is a fully decentralized open ETH staking network, based on the Secret Shared Validator (SSV) development, the network will provide an open and simple infrastructure for anyone who wants to run an Ethereum validator; from DIY users all the way to staking pools and big institutional staking services. addresses the main issues facing Ethereum staking;
  • Custody & management of private Keys
  • Liveliness & Redundancy
  • Single point of failure
  • Security & encryption
  • Decentralization & Governance

The Network

SSV Network consists of 3 main ‘pillars’ - Stakers, Operators, and DAO members. Operators and stakers can take on dual roles, both staking ETH and assisting other users to manage their stake. Anyone can act as a DAO member and take a meaningful role in governing the network. A flourishing ecosystem requires all three components to grow and prosper.

The has 2 layers:

  • SSV P2P Network
Is the execution layer, it reads the current operator list and validator assignments (alongside operator shares) from the Ethereum contracts and operates the validators it's assigned to.
  • Management / governance Ethereum contracts layer.
The contract layer is the management / governance layer where actions like adding an operator, creating a validator, and paying fees occur.