In order to reactivate a liquidated account, the user must supply the liquidation collateral required for all of their accounts’ validators. It is advised to deposit more than the reactivation amount so the account will have an operational runway. Users that only deposit the liquidation collateral may be liquidated soon after because they did not compensate for the operational cost of their validator(s).
Once reactivated, the validator(s) operation will continue with the same operators that were previously selected.
  • To calculate how much funding (liquidation collateral) is needed to reactivate an account:
Reactivation  balance=expensesbliquidation  threshold  periodReactivation\;balance = expenses_b*liquidation\;threshold\;period
  • Legend
    • expensesbexpenses_b
      - all account's validator expenses (operator payments and network fees)
    • liquidation  threshold  periodliquidation\;threshold\;period
      - # of blocks