Verified Operators

What are Verified Operators?

Verified Operators (VOs) are a DAO-curated list of operators which are generally perceived as safer to stake with. Verified operators are, in most cases, reputable companies with proven experience in running POS staking and blockchain infrastructure services. is an open protocol in which stakers (validators) can freely choose between the network’s nodes (operators). As the network grows, so does the difficulty of choosing between the different operators in the network.

In addition, operating a validator requires constant monitoring, maintenance, and uptime to avoid penalties and slashing. As such, validators require stability and consistency from the operators managing their distributed validator.

To address the above, the SSV DAO maintains a curated list of Verified Operators. From a staker perspective, the verification adds another dimension to the operator selection process. It allows the staker to limit their choice to a narrowed list of verified operators instead of choosing between all of the operators in the network.

How are they selected?

The Verified Operator Committee (VOC) is responsible for screening and nominating new verified operators. The criteria and standards expected from Verified Operators should be accessible and transparent to the community and operators applying to be included in the verified group.

How the list of Verified Operators is maintained?

It is important to periodically re-evaluate verified operators to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements and standards set forth by the DAO. This may include reviewing their performance metrics, updating their company metadata, and ensuring that they maintain a high level of performance. By regularly assessing verified operators, the community can ensure that operators are contributing to the success of the network and maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem.


  • Set up an operator on JATO V2

  • Have at least 10 active Validators assigned to your operator

  • Keep performance above 98%

  • Run the latest build of the node software

How to apply

If you are Interested in becoming a verified operator, please head over to the application page.

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