SSV Token

Secret Shared Validator ($SSV) is the native token of

$SSV's main use cases are payments and governance.

  • Payments - serve as a way for stakers to compensate operators for managing their validators

  • Governance - a way to participate in related decision-making and treasury allocations.

$SSV is playing a pivotal role in the network’s ability to harness a community and motivate the right stakeholders to meaningfully contribute to the network.


Stakers using will pay operators using $SSV. Each participating operator can determine its own price point and compete with other network operators. A percentage of fees collected by operators will be allocated to the DAO treasury in return the DAO will determine the payment in an open vote.

Fundamentally, the more ETH is staked in the network, the more fees will be paid to operators and the DAO’s treasury. The DAO will be able to use its treasury for promoting the network’s growth and development efforts thus creating a positive cycle of ETH inflows and $SSV revenue.

$SSV is designed to exponentially progress the network's core values:

  1. Decentralized DAO governance - no single entity or group should have control over the network.

  2. DAO treasury - continuously increase the DAO’s treasury value (for-profit DAO). A stable, and well-funded treasury will allow the DAO to expedite development efforts, allocate grants and engage in revenue share schemes for DAO members.

  3. Operator income - a growing network will affect operator compensation. Higher income will incentivize new operators to join the network and existing ones to improve their service, performance, and competitiveness.

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