Configuring a permissioned Operator

Connect your Web3 wallet to WebApp

Make sure to connect your Web3 wallet with the WebApp, and that the address corresponds with the one you want to manage your Operators with.

Note: Your account is associated with your Web3 wallet.

Enabling Permissioned Operator setting

Once connected, browse to the My Account page and select the Operator you want to update from the Operator Dashboard.

Then, on the Operator Details screen, click on the three vertical dots on the top-right corner.

From the dropdown, choose the Access Settings option.

In the following screen, you will need to enable the permissioned operator setting, by switching the toggle button on the right.

When enabled, it will allow you to enter a wallet address. This address is going to be whitelisted to be the only address able to register Validators to this Operator.

When you entered the correct address, click Update and sign the transaction from your Web3 wallet.

Once the transaction is signed, you will only need to wait for the blockchain to validate it, and the settings will be live.

Updating/Disabling Permissioned Operator setting

The only way to edit the whitelisted address is to disable the Permissioned Operator setting first, then enable it again with a new address.

If you want to make your Operator a Public one again, you will simply have to come back to this setting and switch the toggle to the disabled position, then click on Update

And sign the transaction on your Web3 wallet.

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