Withdrawing earnings

Connect your Web3 wallet to WebApp.

Make sure to connect your Web3 wallet with the WebApp, and that the address corresponds with the one you want to manage your Operators with.

Note: Your account is associated with your Web3 wallet.

Once connected, browse to the My Account page and select the Operator you want to update from the Operator Dashboard.

Then, on the Operator Details screen, click on the Withdraw button at the bottom left of the screen.

In the following screen you'll be asked to enter the amount you intend to withdraw and click on the Withdraw button.

A smart contract transaction is generated by the WebApp, make sure to open your Web3 wallet, if it does not automatically and confirm the transaction.

The WebApp will update, waiting for the transaction to be confirmed by the network, when this happens, the funds will have been transferred to the Operator owner wallet.

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