Liquidator Node

The SSV Liquidator node executes liquidations on accounts that do not hold enough balance to pay for their operational fees
The liquidator node performs 2 main processes:
Syncing network contract data Every minute the liquidator node pulls recent balance-determining events for the SSV networks contract and maps all of the network's accounts on the node level to calculate the potential block for liquidation for each account in the network
Liquidator node account mapping example
0x943a1B677da0Ac80F380F0873fb4jdneB1201402 0.1 SSV Running 712000 4 days ago
0x0d6b32Ba902edn3j235A305AAfd6259C979F915f 0.2 SSV Running 722000 4 days ago
0x45E668aba4b7sn4kv983j573CE77584B7A99A51A 0 SSV Liquidated 4 days ago
Liquidating accounts Once the potential liquidation block is reached the liquidator node will call the liquidate() function in the network contract, if the node was the first to successfully pass the transaction the account will be liquidated and its SSV collateral will be sent to the wallet address which performed the liquidation