Upgrading to SSV Token
Upgrade your CDT tokens to SSV with a few clicks

Youtube Video Tutorial:

1. Use the correct upgrade link

This is the only correct link:
Make sure to double-check the address before proceeding. There is only 1 correct URL.

2. Connect your wallet

Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button in order to associate the relevant ERC20 address to the upgrade page.
Make sure that you’re on the ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ before proceeding, you can refresh the page to make sure.

3. Choose between the various options: Metamask/ Ledger / Trezor

4. Choose the address that contains your CDT tokens

Choose the address that contains your CDT tokens
Proceed to connect the wallet and finalize the process.
Once approved and the wallet is properly connected to the upgrade page, you’ll be able to see the address and the type of wallet you chose on the upper right corner of the interface.

5. Input the amount of CDT you’d like to upgrade in the relevant CDT field

Reminder: if you don’t have CDT in the address that you associated, you won’t be able to complete the transaction.
When you’re ready, click on ‘Upgrade’ to complete the process.
Please be advised that you’ll be charged ‘gas fees’ twice, once for ‘allowance’, to allow interactions with the smart contract and a second time to complete to send the funds.

6. Add ‘SSV token’ to your wallet

You can now add 'SSV' Token to be shown in your metamask by easily pressing on the Add SSV to MetaMask button:

Congratulations🎉 You’re now an SSV token holder!