Run Validator via Interface
2. Connect your wallet and select the "Run validator" option:
3. Click on ‘Import Validator' option (only deposited validators are supported currently).
2. Upload your validator's keystore file and input it's decryption password.
If you do not have a validator key, you can create one via Ethereum launchpad
4. Select the cluster of operators to operate your validator and click "Next"
Support for different amount of operators per validator will be added in the near future.
5. Acknowledge the slashing warning and risks of running a validator setup in parallel to the SSV network.
Please note - it’s best practice to wait at least 2 epochs without attending duties before setting up your SSV validator.
6. Review your details and click "Run Validator":
7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for it's confirmation on the blockchain:
8. Your done, welcome to the SSV network! Your selected team of operators will start operating your validator in upcoming epochs.
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