Validators Overview
Stakers leverage the and its operators to stake their ETH. Stakers or validators can be divided into 2 main groups:
  • Solo Stakers
Any individual private person or a group with 32 ETH or more which stake directly on SSV network. Solo stakers will have the added benefit of cost optimization and complete control over the node setup process.
  • Staking services
Any staking service that integrates SSV network as part of its core infrastructure has the choice between being both a staker and an operator, or solely using SSV as a staking infrastructure. A staking service with an SSV offering will usually create and hold validator private keys on behalf of their users. Validator KeyShares will be diverted to the selected Operators in From the perspective of a staking service, there is clear added value in reducing infrastructure overhead. In addition, a ‘free market’ of staking operators will require expertise for optimal selection (much like running complex cloud operations).
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