Network Overview
The ecosystem is composed of 3 types of actors: stakers, operators and DAO members.


Services or individual ETH holders that leverage SSV/DVT technology for optimal liveness, security, and decentralization of their validator(s). Stakers pay a fee in SSV tokens to operators for managing their validator(s).


Operators provide the hardware infrastructure, run the SSV protocol, and are responsible for maintaining validators and the overall health of Operators determine their fees for services in SSV tokens and charge stakers for operating and maintaining their validator(s).

DAO (SSV token holders)

The DAO decentralizes ownership and governance of the protocol and treasury, with SSV being the native token of the network. Anyone owning SSV tokens can participate in the DAO and vote on proposals and other items requiring a vote. The amount of SSV tokens owned determines voting power on decisions that affect the network.
The DAO is responsible for the following:
  • Operator scoring - relies on operators and a decentralized and transparent score of their quality, experience, and service provided on a 0-100% scale. The DAO is also responsible for vetting "Verified Operators" (VOs) and maintaining a list of VOs. Stakers can view and use these rankings to choose the operators that will manage their validator(s).
  • Network fees - To use, stakers are required to pay a network fee. The network fee is a fixed cost charged per validator, added to the operator fees. The network fees flow directly into the DAO treasury and can be used to fund further development of the SSV ecosystem and activities that have passed the DAO voting process.
  • Treasury - Network fees, paid by stakers, fund the DAO treasury. It is used for projects that will grow the SSV protocol and ecosystem. These may include grants for protocol development and network growth, revenue shared directly with SSV token holders, marketing and community incentivization, token swaps for treasury diversification, and investments by strategic partners in exchange for SSV tokens.
  • Voting - Requests for grants and other proposals submitted to the DAO require a vote to pass. Anyone holding SSV tokens can vote on decisions that affect the DAO, such as grant requests, requests to become a verified operator, and other ideas or requests submitted to the DAO for consideration.