This section and the documents under it have not been updated to V3 testnet

Operator Fees

The ssv.network utilizes a free-market approach such that operators can set their desired fees. This approach drives competition between operators and helps ensure that operator services are provided to stakers at lower costs.

When operators register to the network, they set their fee (denominated in SSV), which is then charged to each validator that selects them as an operator.

For simplicity and standardization, fees charged for using the network are normalized as annual payments. Although, in practice, they are paid to operators on an ongoing basis - per each passing block (contrary to a single payment model).

For example, assuming there are 100 blocks per day and an operator has a set fee of 365 SSV per year, then the revenue from each validator would be:

365 ssv / 100 blocks per day / 365 days in a year = 0.01 SSV per block

Network Fees

In addition to operator fees, stakers are also required to pay a ‘network fee’ for each validator they run through the network.

The network fee is a fixed cost determined by the DAO that governs the network. Also denominated in SSV and similar to operator fees, they are paid continuously over time to the DAO treasury.

This capital is used to fund, grow, and develop activities and projects in the ecosystem that have passed the voting process.

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